Panes de queso y mate

This week’s Food of the World photo is by Julie Alvarez, from Argentina. Thanks Julie!

Panes de queso y mate / Cheese scones and Argentinian mate;

Julie says “mate is that strange drink which is drunk by Argentinians and Uruguayans”

I tried mate once and I think it tastes a bit like green tea. It must go very well with these cheese scones.

Have you ever tried mate?

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  • senem

    hello iam writing from Turkey and my name is senem;
    i am trying to follow your blog and i enjoy it very much..
    the answer:
    i have tried once mate…it is like green tea but it is a bit stronger than that…i do not like it so much ..but when i was in Argentina i saw lots of people drinking mate and i wanted to drink like them ,too.i was trying and trying but the taste was strong for me..i think i should have stayed more there to get use to it..i have even bought the thing that you drink mate from and a pipe hahaha but i use it now for another purpose at home….although you can find in Turkey mate tea but i am not making it..
    i should try it once…
    in Turkey we are drinking black tea in little glasses…like minumum 5 times per day….and even we could drink it before we go to bed and still we can sleep afterwards…so it is just a matter of habit..
    oh i forgot we drank also like 2 times per day turkish strong coffee…like 11 a.m. and another one after lunch…it is more or less like arabian or greek coffee…
    actually it is the same as greek one and the difference between arabic one is:for example in Jordan they add cardomon inside…
    thanks and

  • Hello Senem. Thanks for visiting :)

    That is a lot of tea! I think I would not be able to sleep if I drank that much!

  • Hi, Senem!
    I am the one that took this picture.
    Mate IS strong. I know many stronger beverages in many other places, but still… it is.
    We are pretty used to it here, children have mate since they are kids.
    Many people also add sugar to it. I like it bitter and strong. But you can drink it sweet too.