Blogging from both sides of the border

January 23, 2009 2 comments , ,

Hope man lives in Sderot, in Israel. His friend Peace man lives in Sajaia refugee camp in Gaza.

Together they blog about their lives in Life must go on in Gaza and Sderot.

In their first post they explain why they started the blog:

to bring to people’s awareness the true nature of what 2 peace seeking people on both sides of this insane situation are feeling, thinking and going through

It’s a rare opportunity to read both sides of the story and also to see the stories of the people who are living through this conflict.

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Lucy (Liz) Chatburn
Lucy is English and first ventured out of the UK she was 19. Since then she has lived in 4 different countries and tried to see as much of the world as possible. She loves learning languages, learning about different cultures and hearing different points of view.
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  • senem

    i love this blog..thanks for writing about it… is really interesting to read two parts…
    from Turkey where i live i can feel really the world in my pocket with your blog…..

  • Thanks for your nice comment and I’m glad you enjoyed the blogs.

    It seems many reports of Israel and Palestine are accused of being one sided by somebody, so I was also pleased to find this blog and read the opinions of both sides.