Darfur horse festival

July 11, 2008 2 comments ,

The Darfur horse festival is a traditional Sudanese event. During the festival people perform songs and dances which date from hundreds of year ago.

Following years of conflict the horse festival has been revived with a special purpose: to provide a common cultural backdrop for discussing peace and reconciliation in the area. Held in the southern Darfuri town of Addu’ayn, the festival was attended by leaders from both nomadic Arab and black African groups, representing the main ethnic groups of the region.

BBC News shows stunning pictures of the festival.

Photo: Darfur horse festival in pictures from the BBC

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  • wow, this is amazing. nice photo!
    In Indonesia, we have similar horse festival, its called Pasola War Festival. i’ve write the article on my website 1 month ago.

  • Hello. I read your article – it seems like an impressive festival!

    The horses look magnificent don’t they?